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By January 22, 2018Latest News


Selecting a professional, reliable company that provides a quality product is, of course, paramount.  However, finding a builder that provides excellent customer service, and a smooth organized process for completing your project will make for a better experience.

This is where a boutique home builder comes in.  A “boutique” is, by definition, “a small company that offers highly specialized services or products.”  Unlike other homebuilders that may be spread thin between dozens of projects, large and small, a boutique builder focuses on constructing only a handful of custom homes at a time, thereby providing a higher standard of customer service to its clients. Unlike other builders that have complex organization structures, with much of the day-to-day supervision delegated to project managers and site supervisors, a boutique firm has a profound commitment to personalized service and time for every client.  For the boutique firm, meeting and exceeding the client’s expectations is of utmost importance.

Through every step of the process, we work directly with our clients, our architects, and our interior design consultant – ensuring that every detail is carefully planned and constructed in a clean, efficient, beautiful and cost efficient manner.  We know the importance of regular, direct, simple and transparent communication.  Gray Development Group believes in keeping you up-to-date and being available for you.

Our mission is not only to build you a quality home, but to make the experience an enjoyable one.


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